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Core Position Trading - Retirement, Income, 5th Dividend, Financial Freedom - 2015
It's about having a plan for generating Income for everyday life and Retirement ... you too can have Finacial Freedom

Many of you have found this site through my popular YouTube channel where I talk about generating guaranteed income writing covered calls but Core Position Trading is much more then that. It's about taking advantage of dips in our favorite stocks and profiting from them. Its what I call 'getting a 5th dividend'. Check out my blog below -> Core Position Trading is about finding buying opportunities in your core position stocks. Buying and selling them while still holding the positions long term in those stocks.Addtionally, writing Covered Calls on those very same stocks to addtional generate income.Core Position Trading isn't a strategy for hitting home runs ... it's about being consistant hitting singles and doubles ALL YEAR LONG. You can do this using technical analysts at key SUPPORT and RESISTENCE lines on some of the best stocks in the S&P 500. The Core Position Trading $Blog is a sounding board for all things we find interesting. This same blog is where CPT Alerts are posted


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